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The Pace of Nature

“The mountains of the Gold Range tower to the west. They’re closest to Shelter Bay and known for their deep, light, and dry snow. They’re a hidden gem for sledders and ski tourers in the winter, and for dirt bikers, quaders, and hikers in the summer.

There’s a marked stillness to this place. The quietness envelopes you. The air on this October morning is crisp and carries the scent of pine. The Ralph Waldo Emerson line comes to mind, ”Adopt the pace of nature.” The pace here requires that you slow down and take a deep breath. The solitude of Shelter Bay is its own special therapy.”

(Excerpt from Shelter Bay Magazine)

The Shelter Bay Magazine

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International travel photographer Dana Halferty went to Shelter Bay to document the natural beauty and romance of the pristine Upper Arrow Lake. Her stunning photographic essay shows why people from around the world come here to swim, ski and reconnect with nature in the Monashee Mountains.


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“This type of land plus a dream house build doesn’t exist anywhere else in BC. It’s a blank canvas. We get to create the view we love. Build the house we love. Shape the landscaping around the home. My wife wants a horse, I can build that for her here.”

Scott Newsome, Shelter Bay Resident

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